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Creative Intentions' career mentors can help you get to your next level. Our mentors are Executive and Senior professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of backgrounds that include Education, Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement, and more.

A career mentor can help you:

Gain valuable advice – Mentors can offer valuable insight into what it takes to get ahead. They can be your guide and "sounding board" for ideas, helping you decide on the best course of action in difficult situations. You may learn shortcuts that help you work more effectively and avoid "reinventing the wheel."

Develop your knowledge and skills – Mentors can help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed. They can teach you what you need to know or advise you on where to go for the information you need.

Improve your communication skills – A mentor can help you communicate more effectively, making you more effective at work.

Learn new perspectives – A mentor can offer new ways of thinking based on their knowledge and expertise.

Build your network – A mentor can offer an opportunity to expand your existing network of personal and professional contacts.

Advance your career – A mentor helps you stay focused and on track in your career through advice, skills development, and networking.

A career mentor can help you get to your next level.

A minor investment

could have a major impact

on your next career move.

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