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Speaker, Teacher, Mentor

On a mission to make an impact in the lives of others. Dr. Telisha Roberts is an influential speaker who empowers and inspires.


Career Mentor & Founder of

Creative Intentions

Career Prep and Mentoring, the GroundWork for workplace success. 

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Telisha’s dedication to education and career advancement extends into the classrooms of high schools, colleges and universities, and the local community. She serves as a volunteer instructor, teaching career and personal development classes. She also teaches free community-based personal and professional development seminars, hosts community events, and serves as a mentor to college students and early career professionals. 

Telisha sponsors unique events that aim to support achievement in the classroom and the workforce. She believes that her professional experiences, education, and passion for mentoring are beneficial to developing strong individuals, strong families, and strong communities.

Doctor of Business Administration


Capella University, Minneapolis, MN



Facilitates personal and professional development seminars nationally, helping early and mid-career professionals strengthen workplace skills needed to become more effective in the workplace 


  • Combating Communication Breakdowns in the Workplace

  • Taking Control of Your Career

  • Managing Change

  • Leading You

  • The Power of Feedback


Mentors second and third-year college students, merging classroom concepts with relevant applications in the business environment to promote internship preparedness, career readiness, and long-term career success. 

  • Provides dissertation assistance to doctoral students.

  • Knowledgeable in online learning (E-learning) success.

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Effective Leader

Effectively leads team projects and resources to accomplish strategic objectives. 

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Results Oriented

Enhances operating results by assigning clear accountability and ensuring alignment of resources.


Consumer Focused

Researches industry trends and consumer data to ensure that activities align with key consumer learning.

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