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Early career exploration is an essential need for high school and college students. Creative Intentions helps students develop a personal plan for workforce readiness and success to increase employability skills.

The opportunity to engage in career prep and one-on-one mentorship often gets overlooked. 

Creative Intentions provides students with tailored plans to meet the individual needs of each student.

Students explore their personalities and interests to help them choose careers that fit their interests and temperaments.

Students learn how to find a job, succeed at work, and revise their career pathway when needed.

Students develop 21st-century skills needed to succeed in the workplace and have the confidence to be immediately prepared for work.


Students acquire skills that bring classroom knowledge to life in the workplace.

Students develop techniques for collaborating and networking.

Students sharpen their communication skills.

Students gain new perspectives on how a discipline operates academically, socially, and politically.

Students deal with challenges more confidently.

Every student is provided with a tailored career portfolio based on each individual's personal career goals.

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