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"For me, the mentor relationship is a valuable part of my professional and personal development. Having a mentor gives me a much wider perspective regarding my goals, and the motivation to see things to the finish line. Through my mentorship I have the opportunity to get perspective and advise from someone who has already won the race I'm still trying to win.


We reach higher heights by standing on the shoulders of those who have stood before us. Dr. Roberts has been that person for me, especially as I make strides towards my professional goals."

Khalil G.

"Having a mentor has been instrumental to my career growth. Being fresh out of school and new to Corporate America, I sought out a mentor who could help me both increase my business acumen and navigate the corporate workplace. Through my mentorship I have learned how to properly analyze and apply data, network cross-functionally, and have learned the importance of personal presentation during meetings, presentations, and other corporate settings. 


My mentor has also been a great supporter for me outside of work as well by helping me walk through the process of purchasing my first home, personal investing, and simply even asking about my family. I have already been promoted and have seen immense growth in myself both personally and professionally, which I know is, in great part, due to my mentor."

Simone S.

" Dr. Roberts and team have offered me great insight  in personal and professional development. My mentor is dependable and provides me with exactly what I need to achieve immediate results."

Audra P.

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